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Akademika (BPM) Framework

Akademika (BPM) Framework is a software solution for simplified business process building within SAP based on SAP’s workflow. With tailored solutions, such as validation of invoices, purchase documents or travel orders, processes can only be made by configuring individual steps. End users can perform individual actions either through a classic SAP, a web or Fiori user interface or a mobile user interface.

Key features

Invoice Verification and Approvals

Capturing and archiving of documents, automatic data entry, approvals

The Invoice Verification and Approvals app is an SAP add-on, which supports the receipt, validation and booking of various bookkeeping documents (invoices, credits, advance payments), which are in different forms (physical invoices, PDF files, e-invoices) and are received through various sources (regular mail, e-mail, other e-channels). It is integrated with standard SAP transactions for booking logistics and financial bookkeeping documents. During the validation process, the invoice can also be defined in terms of costs, different attachments can be added, and the invoice can even be rejected with a comment. A PDF rejection form is created for the rejected invoice, which can be returned to the supplier via e-mail.

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Purchasing Documents

Custom number of validation stages, use of release strategy, sending an order to the supplier

The Purchasing Documents app is an SAP add-on for the validation and launch of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and scheduling agreements. It is integrated with standard SAP procurement module transactions. It enables multi-stage sequential and/or parallel validation of a document. In the case of purchase requisitions, an approval per line item is also supported. Confirmed purchase orders or scheduling agreements can be sent as attachments to suppliers via e-mail.

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Business Trips and Absences

Announcement and validation of business trips, issuing of fleet vehicles, validation, reimbursement of travel expenses

The Business Trips and Absences is an SAP add-on, which is divided into several stages. It is integrated with SAP’s Travel Manager and Personnel Absences. It enables the announcement and validation of business trips, booking and issuing of company vehicles, collection of invoices and entry of mileage, and the confirmation of incurred expenses for the purpose of reimbursement. The entire solution is divided into 3 modules: the basic solution for job travel announcement and cost validation, app for fleet management and issue of vehicles, as well as the mobile app for scanning invoices and entering kilometres.

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Supplier Data Management

New supplier entry, change of data, blocking

The Supplier Data Management app is an SAP add-on for creating and changing suppliers in SAP, using a workflow in validation scenarios. It supports various actions for business partner data, from creation and transfer to other organisational units, to blocking and finally deleting the partner. In case of a request to change the data of a business partner, the workflow may encompass different departments (Procurement, Accounting, Finance, etc.) until the data is finally updated in the business partner's “master data”.

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Validation of Sales Documents

Sales order blockage, blockage validation and document release

The Validation of Sales Documents app is an SAP add-on, which allows for multi-level parallel validation of sales documents. At the time of creation of the document, there is a block on issuing a delivery note or invoice until the document is fully confirmed.

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It is a global innovation with the following characteristics

All applications have a common set of data, such as actions, validation history and scenario details, to allow a unique user experience regardless of the nature of the application.
Storing, retrieving and displaying various attachments in different archive systems (e.g. SAP Content Server, Open Text Archiving and others), supporting communication through the SAP Archive Link interface.
Flexible determination of validation scenarios where each scenario may contain any number of consecutive and parallel validations.
Close integration with standard SAP transactions – exchange of transaction data and use of existing code lists.
Integration of the web interface as a building book into the Microsoft SharePoint platform or other web portals.
Building any business process within the SAP environment.

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